Starts September 10, 2018

Starts September 10, 2018


CHALLENGE RUN DATES: 9/10/18-10/21/18


For 6 weeks, participants earn daily points for following simple physical, spiritual and mental guidelines in the areas of detoxification, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, personal/spiritual growth and weekly bonus challenges. At the beginning of the challenge you will receive a GETTING STARTED email with a link to some welcome videos, the challenge workbook and a point tracker sheet. The workbook will include the optional workout program (you can opt to do a different program), a meal planning template, weight and measurement trackers, bonus challenge trackers and journaling pages to take notes during my weekly LIVE Q&A sessions.

The person who earns the most points at the end of the challenge will win $100 cash!  If we have 60+ participants, there will be 2 $100 winners.  In the case of a tie-breaker, the winner(s) will be chosen by draw.   

Our competition HUB will be our private facebook group page.  You are not required to post before and after pics in the page unless you choose to do so.  However, you can submit them to me using a private form at the beginning and end of the challenge. By submitting before and after pics, you are eligible to earn a BONUS POINT at the end of the challenge if you have lost at least 4% of you body weight. I do not share these EVER unless you have given me permission to do so.

IMPORTANT! You do not earn points each week for weight loss.  

We want to focus on the process more than the results. I emphasize building habits over a short-term weight loss challenge. I want to teach you how to live a life of health, energy and vitality while still maintaining a life of BALANCE. I believe in real life 80/20 living which includes the occasional treat and such. :) Yes, your welcome! And trust me, while on this journey, you WILL create habits and see some amazing results if you commit yourself to the process and use the tools that I will be giving you!


Weekly bonus challenges will be centered around the 6 pillars of optimal health: detoxification, sleep, stress, exercise, nutrition and personal/spiritual growth.  They will be challenging, but not extreme or impossible to achieve.  The point of this challenge is to give you the tools of health and moderation and then to build habits around them so that they become your way of life! Not a hard core diet/exercise regimen or a 6 week "balls to the wall" competition. The challenges will support learning healthy lifestyle habits that last!  The journey won't always be comfortable, because we know that change only comes when we get uncomfortable, so it won't be a walk in the park either.  But if I know you, you will be up for the challenge! :) 


In addition to the cash pot prize winners, each week 1 person will be chosen randomly to win a $10 Amazon gift card.  TO be eligible to win the weekly prize you have to earn at least 1 point from that week's bonus challenge and have submitted your point submission form for the week.  There will also be a BEST TEAM PLAYER prize at the end of the competition.  This best team player will be voted on by all participants in our last week point submission form and that winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card!

In addition to the bonus challenge prize, I will also be giving away another $10 amazon gift card each week randomly to those who post their weekly meal plan and a meal prep picture.  This is just one of the ways that I try to reinforce the habit of preparation!  I know you have heard the quote before, "fail to plan, plan to fail!" And it's true! 


I will do a LIVE training in our private Facebook group page ever week where we dig a little deeper into things like the six pillars of health, nutritional therapy and functional medicine so you can know how to be your own healthcare advocate and my personal 80/20 nutritional system.  I will give you all of my best stuff and you can ask me your questions!! If you can't join us LIVE, they will always be recorded and posted in our group page. LIVE TRAINING TIMES: TBA.  


Each week I will post a random point blaster challenge.  It can be any day and you won't know when it's coming.  If you complete it, you will get an extra point added to your weeks total points!

OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILS-Read this before you register!

  • Cost to register is $38 per person.  NO REFUNDS. Refer a friend who registers and receive $5 back via an amazon giftcard-up to $20 back. 

  • The challenge will be run exclusively through a private Facebook group page.  Daily participation is HIGHLY encouraged.  It has been proven that those who use the group for support and to stay accountable to their goals are 80% more likely to succeed! We all need to be a part of the team for optimal and overall satisfaction and success. This doesn't mean you have to live on FB.  Just check in daily. 


It is my mission to help you reach your goals, get in touch with your TRUE WHY and find yourself physically, spiritually and mentally stronger by the end of the six weeks. Their will be a big emphasis on 80/20 nutrition (living a healthy life of balance) and learning to love ourselves now as we daily work towards becoming the best we can be. It is learning and creating a habit out of the daily, little things that make the biggest impact and change over time. And I also teach that it's not ALL about the scale! A scale is just one way that we can record and see progress.  I want to celebrate all non-scale accomplishments and help all participants to find within themselves what  true  "living healthy" is for them. I will teach self-love regardless of your size. You can find health at every size! I will also teach a lifestyle free of dieting, severe restriction, food bingeing, need for "white-knuckle" willpower, calorie counting and being obsessed with the scale. Plus MORE!  


So what are you waiting for?  Take control of your health and nutrition NOW! Click on the link below to register.  Or scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how you can get your registration fee waived!

But wait...don't just take my word for it! 


Charity said: "the support from this group was amazing. The support and help from you Molly was amazing. It's so much easier to grow and learn and make changes when you have a good support system. I enjoyed the weekly training, they helped me stay focused. My favorite part was being able to achieve the goals I set for myself and challenging myself to do better. I look forward to the next 6 week challenge!"
Kjaersti said: "I love and need the accountability. My favorite part is the support and encouragement. The only person I compete with is myself. All of these challenges have proven successful and valuable. I appreciate the guidance, the vulnerability, the honesty, and overall unity of the group."
Danielle said: "I liked the involvement of the other people in the group. I liked recipe week because I love to cook. I also Liked week 6 because providing service was probably the biggest part that I learned from. I love to serve and should be doing it a lot more. I love that people were so encouraging and strong when others needed them. Thanks for the challenge."
Jody said: "I like that it exercises all areas of life, not just being physically fit and healthy. It really is a healthy LIFE challenge and I really liked that!"
Mary Jo said: "The posts of honest frustration and trials. Knowing that others were facing the same thing. The inspiring words of wisdom, strength, and the you can do its, was very motivational. I didn't feel like this was a competition, it was more like friends sharing their ups and downs with friends."
Heather said: "I loved all of it. But my favorite part was that we can all come together and lift each other up through what ever struggles that we may going through, and that we can learn from each other. I loved learning that there is other ways to give yourself rewards other than food, and that it's ok to have a treat once in awhile but keep it for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays, and don't over indulge. I love the idea have writing a plan never, always, I will allow myself to have unrestricted, and what I will limit."
Lisa said: "The weekly competitions kept me engaged. Having to submit my weight every week helped me stay on track and keep moving in the right direction. The nutritional guidelines and meal planning template were extremely helpful."
Another challenger said: "I lost 5lbs. and 2 total inches. I learned that food does not control me, but that I control it. I also learned that it is okay to stop eating when full. I learned that I eat better when I exercise regularly. I learned that I need to drink more water, even when it is cold and I'm not thirsty. From April 2016 to now, I have lost 30lbs. from doing these challenges, so THANK YOU! I have lots and lots of practical tools."
And one last testimonial for you: "Oh my goodness, I'm just so proud of myself!! I don't think I've ever lost weight during the holidays! EVER!! Ive learned that, I can really do it, if I want to, and if I'm in the right mind set!! I truly feel having the support group was HUGE! Just having the challenges and being able to keep accountable to each other was wonderful! You also Miss Molly played a big part in that!! Thanks so very much for all your support!! Just love you tons!!"

So what are you waiting for....register now!  

Still have questions? Feel free to email me or message me on Facebook before you register. 


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Wait! Want your registration fee waived?

FULL DISCLOSURE. In addition to the other hats I wear, I am also a Team Beachbody Coach. To participate in this program you do NOT have to purchase anything above and beyond the Registration fee to participate in the Rock Your Body Challenge. However, many of my clients LOVE the ease of the Beachbody workout programs and the mind/body approach to nutrition that is found in the 2B Mindset Nutritional program offered by Beachbody.  I am in the process of becoming a certified 2B Mindset coach and have the ability to offer you these tools to help you through the Rock Your Body Challenge with additional guidance and resources for your success.  The 2B mindset nutritional program aligns perfectly with the principles of the Rock Your Body Challenge and can give you additional education, support and mindfulness help as you step into this journey. It also aligns with my beliefs as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. It focuses on mindset around food which is HUGE, but is also aligns with the fact that there is no cookie cutter program out there that works for EVERYONE.  It teaches you how to customize a nutritional program that works for YOU without the anxiety of dieting, restriction and willpower. Which is exactly what I teach in my 80/20 approach-you just get MORE! So I wanted to give you a offer with a BONUS......

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These Beachbody programs are what helped me to get back into the best shape of my life after my babies and are part of what inspired me to become a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner too. So check it out! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email: or message me on Facebook. I am happy to discuss with you personally if this is the right fit for you. 

*If you already have a Beachbody coach or have previously purchased a Beachbody program you MUST fill out a coach change request form in order for me to honor the FREE Rock Your Body Registration. Please do not leave a Beachbody coach if you are getting the support you need from them. Only switch over if you do not know your coach, don't know if you even have a coach or are not getting the support you need from them. Click HERE to get access to the coach change request form.