Bye, Bye Binge Self-Study Course

I learned a lot of lessons about food and my health after living through my own personal hell.

After having 4 babies, plunging into a 4-year battle with poor gut health and realizing that I was obsessed with food (yep you name it, sugar, carbs, salt, I just like FOOD!) I knew that I had to do something about it. Years of antibiotics only created a giant super-bug in my gut and I had gotten to a point where I was just so fed up and frustrated. I was so sick of being sick. And it was affecting me physically, spiritually and mentally in a bad way. I was struggling with constant anxiety, on and off depression, thyroid dysfunction, psoriasis, migraines, wonky hormones, and unstoppable cravings.

So I plunged myself into MASSIVE amounts of research, study and prayer! I tried and implemented about a million different diets, cleanses and strategies and lost and gained back the same trouble 10-15 pounds many times.

And what was the product of my research?

I realized from my studies of other professionals in this field, the scriptures and through lots of prayer, that God never intended for us to live a life of being tortured by the next diet fad or severe restriction tactic. Rather, he wants us to be healthy physically, spiritually and mentally. He wants us to find freedom from the things that hold us back from being our best selves.

And how do we create change and freedom in our lives? How has it always been done? Through learning to live a system that employs guidelines and focused discipline!

Satan wants us to think that guidelines are restrictive and limit your freedom, but we know that the exact opposite is true. To live a true life of meaning and balance, we have to employ some guidelines. We have to create a plan!

And in my 80/20 nutritional system, I teach focused discipline tactics and provide tools that have helped many people learn how to quit dieting, eat in moderation and enjoy treats while living without the constant need for willpower.

It gives the brain permission to break our pesky bad habits and change the neural pathways in our brain that have kept us stuck!

My Bye, Bye Binge and Sugar Addiction Self-Study Course is for those who:

*Struggle with food/nutrition

*are a yo-yo diet masters

*Find themselves trying to live in food extremes

*Feel addicted to sugar and carbs

*Struggle in general with finding a balance with nutrition

*Want to lose weight for the long-haul and not just for another 30-day challenge

This course will include:

*A physical, spiritual and mental approach to nutrition and wellness

*Access to our Private Support Group

*Immediate access to all 8 training modules plus hands on homework and topics for discussion

*Immediate access to 2 BONUS modules

*Access to me at any time via our private support group and email

*You have lifetime access to this material, including any changes to the course that might be made in the future.

Have questions or want to chat about whether or not this course is right for you?

Email me at with your questions. 

OR take control NOW and follow the registration link below to join us!