Week 1: Gratitude!

For week 1 you must keep a gratitude journal.  Journal about what you are grateful for that day (ANYTHING) and then post it in our facebook group each day as well. Your post can be a new post or a picture of your journal.  To earn your point each day you MUST post in the facebook page.  Not in the comments of someone else's post, but your own post.  Take this time to really dig deep and be grateful for the many, many things we sometimes take for granted.  Let this flow into all areas of your life including your physical, spiritual and mental health. 

week 2: No Sugar! YOu're sweet enough already!

For week 2 we will be eliminating sugar from our diets.  Yes, all sugar except for the sugar that occurs naturally in whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.  You must vigilantly check labels because sugar is hiding in everything. For each day that you successfully steer clear of the white stuff, you will earn a point.  At the beginning of week 2 I will provide you a list of sugars to be looking for on labels. And for the purpose of this competition, other natural sugars such as honey and agave are also prohibited.  Stick to your servings of fruit.  The use of stevia, erythritol or xylitol is okay. 

week 3: Personal Development!

It's time to dig back into the mental side of health and fitness.  One of the best tools we have is to better ourselves daily through personal development.  Personal development strengthens your mind, body and soul.  So for week 3, spend 20 minutes a day engaging in some form of personal development.  This can include books, audio books, podcasts, etc.  In addition, you must post what you read or learned from you personal development each day in our facebook group.  It must be a new post and not as a comment on someone else's post. At the beginning of week 2 I will provide you with a list of my favorite PD choices that will be especially pertinent to physical, spiritual and mental health!

week 4: Daily Doubles!

For week 4 we will be pushing ourselves physically.  In addition to your regular 30 minutes of daily exercise, I want you to put in another 30 minutes each day for a total of 60 minutes.  The catch, one 30 minute workout must be done in the AM hours, and the second 30 minute workout must be done in the PM hours.  Post what your two workouts were each day in the FB group with a sweaty selfie pic to earn your point. 

week 5: new Recipes please!

Oh yes, week 5 is all about trying something new and sharing it with the group!  For each day that you try a NEW healthy recipe and post a pic and the recipe in the facebook group, you will earn a point.  The recipe has to be new to you.  Something that you have never tried before.  Augmenting an existing family favorite does not count.  Find something totally new.  The picture must be of YOUR prepared meal, not the stock or image photo that came with the recipe. 

week 6: Reward yourself!

Week 6 is all about recognizing your accomplishments and rewarding yourself in healthy, non-food ways.  You are amazing and it's time that you recognize yourself for all of your hard work and effort. Not just with your health and fitness, but in LIFE!  So, for this week, each day that you do something for yourself and post what you did in our facebook group, you will earn a point.  

AND BONUS!!! If you also do something for someone else (could be the same thing or something different-any random act of kindness) you can earn a 2nd point for the day.  Because not only do we need to be celebrating our successes but we need to let others know how amazing they are and how much we appreciate their efforts in all that they do. Plus, when we are serving others we find a whole nother' level of happiness in life which positively impacts our physical, spiritual and mental health as well! So you heard it right! You have the opportunity to win 2 bonus points a day during week 6.

Again, you MUST post about your own personal healthy reward each day to earn your point. You are not required to post about your specific random act of kindness.  Some people feel strange about posting what they did for someone else, so in your healthy rewards post, just comment on whether you did it or not, you don't have to tell us what you did.  I will post a list of non-food healthy rewards and ideas for random acts of kindness at the beginning of week 6 for reference.  


DISCLAIMER: This is a competition and these weekly BONUS challenges are supposed to be a CHALLENGE.  Don't sweat it if you aren't 100%.  These challenges are meant to push you outside of your comfort zone to do something that you might not have tried otherwise.  If your specific schedule or life will not allow you complete all of the challenges, it's okay.  Do your best and know that at the end of the day you are learning, growing and becoming a better version of you.  Perfection NOT required!  You are gaining so much from this competition so remember to keep it all in perspective.