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Why I LOVE Beachbody and this all-inclusive offer! 

I have been a Team Beachbody Coach and an NASM Certified Personal Trainer for over 3 years now, but I have always had a love for health and fitness.  Well, a love for fitness and a love for food! After I started having babies I got in the best shape of my life with Tony Horton's first workout program Power 90.  Do you remember it? Well, maybe I am dating myself but it was old school and I loved it!  Then as I got a little older and had my 4th child, I started to have chronic bacterial infections.  After years of antibiotics and nasty side effects of poor gut health (anxiety, depression, hormone issues, psoriasis, migraines, extreme fatigue, etc) I decided to find a solution, and I knew it was going to be centered around nutrition.  The exercise piece was easy and I went on from Tony's program to pretty much every other Beachbody program out there because they were so effective.  But I wasn't yet sold on Shakeology.  I thought it was too expensive.  But then I got desparate and I had to find a solution that didn't break the bank or require laborious hours in the kitchen juicing, popping supplements and caring for my blossoming wheatgrass plants!

That is when I finally gave Shakeology a try.  I coupled Tony's new P90X3 program with Shakeology and good nutrition, with an emphasis on gut repair.  Within 6 weeks my gut symptoms were 90% gone.  I felt like a totally different person.  So I was SOLD! I became a came and I have been using the Beachbody products in tool-box for years!  And what I tell people all of the time is that, I am not BEACHBODY, I am a trainer and health coach who loves the beachbody tools because they are so effective in creating lasting change and health and I will share them with everyone I know!  

And then what does beachbody go and do to sweeten the pot? 

YOU ARE LOOKING AT IT! In January, Beachbody released their Annual All Access Challenge Pack offer.  It was priced at $199 and I was shocked because of everything that was included.  It was cheaper than the previous Beachbody On Demand Club Membership and included EVERYTHING workout program that Beachbody had to offer plus all the perks of a challenge pack with the Shakeology, the portion fix nutritional system, the containers and the support and accountability for a coach (ME!).  So I wanted everyone to hear about it and I had over 50 people join me at the beginning of 2017 to improve their lives with this annual awesomeness!

BUT WAIT....It get's EVEN BETTER! For APRIL only, they are offering the best deal in health/fitness history.  They Annual All Access Challenge pack is only $160!!!!!!

And the really cool part....

Is that it aligns PERFECTLY with what I teach in my Bye, Bye Binge Course and Rock Your Body Challenges.  The portion fix nutritional system aligns perfectly with my 80/20 nutritional system and the guidelines that I ask my challengers to follow.  This is not required to join those courses and challenges, but it basically gives you everything that you need so that you don't have to figure it out for yourself.  It is the best tools I can offer to help accentuate results and creating habits that automate a lifestyle of health, energy and freedom! PLUS, you will have my in your back pocket for much longer than a 30 day or 6-week challenge.  You will have access to these programs and ME and my private support group for a WHOLE YEAR!  BOOM! Drop the mic.....(yes I am a dork!)

For My Customers only*BONUSES*

And for those of you who choose me as your coach on your journey to optimal health and wealthness physically, spiritually and mentally, I want to thank you by offering you some ADDITIONAL BONUSES!! WHOOP!

In addition to everything that is included in the challenge pack and my private support group and coaching, I also want to give:

1. FREE REGISTRATION into my next Rock Your Body 6-week Challenge (The next challenge begins on September 11, 2017. Perfect timing!) Worth $38. 


To Purchase this challenge pack keep reading!

There are some requirements however before you commit to this challenge pack and choose me as your coach and those are:

1. You must not already have another Beachbody coach.  If you have purchased something from Beachbody in the past, you must switch to me as your coach before I can add you into my private support group. Email on more information about this before you purchase. 

2. You must be willing to WORK and take 100% ownership for your own results.  I cannot guarantee results but I do know that if you do the work that amazing things will happen and you will be blessed for your efforts in ways that will rock your world!

THAT'S IT!  So if you know you are ready and you want to jump in with me for the next 12 months, get signed up at the link below!

Have more questions? That's cool...

If you would like to connect with me and ask me more questions, email me at mollyphairphitness@gmail.com or facebook message me! You can find me on facebook HERE.